Important changes the 1st time you run version 245 or greater

The first time you load a league data file after upgrading to revision 245 or greater, the figures for the Custom Standings report item will probably all be zero, or if you run a league both handicap and scratch, you might have the wrong figures showing. If you want a fairly detailed explanation as to why, it is included in the change history.

The quick explanation is that I have changed report identification numbers, and there will be a discrepancy between those in the old file, and the new software. The fix is very simple!

Select Edit Current Report from the Reports menu, and double click on the Custom Standings report item. When the dialog box appears, click on the 'Content' tab, make sure that the correct report content is checked, and then click the Set Default Report button. If you have customised your report, I am sorry to say you will probably need to re-do the customisation.