Change History

Revision 378

The literal on the recap sheet specitied 'Points Scr' for a handicap league when the recap sheets were printed side by side. It has been fixed, and apologies to Matt Locke who reported it on the Winbowl Facebook page.

Revision 377

Blind Scores. When calculating a blind score for female bowlers, the rules for Junior bowlers was being used in error. Where a rule for Juniors was set as the same for female bowlers, there was not a problem which explains why it has gone undetected for such a long time. It has been fixed, and apologies to Mike Shillingford and members of the Chessington Doubles Bowling League

Revision 376

Team Edit. When filling a vacancy, the starting points need to be entered. This was not working. Only the 1st digit entered was recognised do to Micro$oft forcing unicode strings on us poor programmers. It has been fixed, and apologies to Mark Henry and members of the Spares and Strikes League, Melbourne, Australia.

Revision 375

Awards report printing and Venue Stats printing much improved when zoomed.

Revision 372

Recap sheet printing much improved.

Revision 371

Results by round needed a bit of attention. One single value (out of quite a lot in my defence) was not being scaled according to the zoom factor, resulting in different numbers of pages being required in certain cases. Reported by John Taylor of the Young at Heart league.

Revision 370

The view zoom sometimes used the zoomed x/y coordinates when printing, which caused some strange results. I believe I have fixed this, but there are so many different variations that there may still be ommissions. If this is the case, uncheck the Zoom 150% checkbox in the View meno, and all will be well, and recheck it (or not) after printing is complete.

Revision 369

For some inexplicable reason, it was possible to set the recalculation period to zero rounds. My excuse for not trapping it would have to be that there is no logical reason in this world why one would want to do it, as nothing would ever get recalculated, but it happened that a new user did so, and the resulting divide by zero error was absolutely fatal. This has been fixed, and testers have reported no unfortunate side effects.

Revision 333

Split season reset options were not being saved. This has been rectified. It was reported by New Zealander Ian Klein via the Facebook Group. Sorry Ian!

Revision 331

2 bug fixes. Firstly the short team report (where a player had a telephone number recorded) had the telephone number printed over the next column. This was reported by Martin Johnson of the Masters Premiere League. Secondly, the results summary report was showing 0 points for the right hand lane team where the left lane team defaulted. This only occured in the scratch report. Reported on the facebook group by Darren Milner

Revision 313

This version really fixes the problem Mark Henry who is secretary of the Spares and Strikes League, Melbourne, Australia had been suffering. Sorry Mark!

Revision 312

Two bugfixes. When starting a new league based on an old league, where a team had no captain assigned, the resulting null pointer would crash Winbowl. This is now tested for and the crash avoided. Reported by Nigel Travis of the Wednesday Trios - Ashton Under Lyne. They can now get their new season started.

The second was a variable that was not stored when trying to fill a vacancy. This was spotted by Mark Henry who is secretary of the Spares and Strikes League, Melbourne, Australia who has been patiently parallel running 1.8.9 against 2.0. Many thanks to him for persistence.

Revision 307

An issue with starting a new league based on the existing one caused grief for Martin Johnson. It has been fixed.

Revision 306

A very obscure set of circumstances resulted in a 'bye' team not being resurrect-able has been fixed. This was suffered by Ian Grundy with his YBC league.

There were also issues with the Secretary's lane and Treasurer's lanes where a league with a 'bye' team has had lanes adjusted. This was reported by Neil Reedy of the Bat League in Manchester, and has been fixed.

Revision 303

Awards in the 'Hi Awards' format now has the 25 limit restriction removed for Donna Belvees of the Silver Cup League, Olean, NY USA. She can now show all bowlers in any award category.

Revision 300

Individual Hi Stats now has the 25 limit restriction removed for Donna Belvees of the Silver Cup League, Olean, NY USA. She can now show all bowlers in the 'Most Improved' category - right down to the least.

Revision 297

When decreasing the league size, the selected number of matches is now used correctly. Thanks to Chris Bowdery of the Paramount Doubles, Rugby for reporting it.

Revision 295

When decreasing the league size, there is a check for unplayed matches. This did not further check to see if the unplayed matches included a 'bye' team. It now does so, and the dialog now states that 2 teams to drop must be selected. Thanks to Chris Bowdery of the Paramount Doubles, Rugby for reporting it.

Revision 293

Two changes. I discovered after quite a lot of research, buried in the Micro$oft Application Program Interface a function called ResizeParentToFit. It causes to program to start up with a sensible sized screen!

The 2nd is yet another attempt at fixing the Individual Hi Stats, where only 1 award is allowed per bowler. There are anomalies that caused me a lot of grief, such as having only 3 female bowlers to share 4 awards between, but I do believe it much improved. I shall sit back and await news of problems.

Revision 290

The html version of the fixtures report now ignores 'bye' matches and allocates lanes over them (no gaps). This was reported by Neil Reedy of the Bat League in Manchester, and has been fixed.

Revision 289

Adding a position round at the end of the season and after a free round resulted in the final position round being numbered Round 1. This was reported by Alan Davies of the TW Monday Doubles, and has been fixed.

The Male Average Series in the 'Round Analysis' report item was treating 'Robots' as Male bowlers, resulting in an erroneous average series being calculated. This behavior was spotted by the ever vigilant Colin J Keegan of the Champions Tenpin Bowling League, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia.

Revision 285

The team sequence really is now saved when the 'Repeat last round order' is active. This is confirmed by Alan Davies of the TW Monday Doubles who has assisted me with testing, and has been very patient about this.

Revision 283

Cosmetic changes to the Player list where fields were being overwritten which was spotted by Ian Grundy of Manchester YBC.

Revision 281

The 'League Details' report now accurately displays bonus points, and in the Bonus Points Setup, "Equals average counts as over average' checkbox is now 'sticky'. i.e is gets remembered. These issues were reported by David, of whom I have no further details.

I have also made any changes to the team order set the 'File changed flag to force saving those changes. (they could be changed and never saved as Alan Davies of the TW Monday Doubles found out.

Revision 278

An attempt at a fix for issues where starting a new league based on the current league is failing. This is very difficult for me to test exhaustively, but it has worked in those cases I have been told about.

Revision 276

Where there is no fixture against a 'bye' team, makeup recap sheets were erroneously printed for the 'bye' fixture, and the lane numbers were not adjusted. This has been fixed, and was reported by Alan Davies with his TW Monday Doubles league.

Revision 274

Fixes a cosmetic bug that appeared while amending scores during the 1st round when the entering average cutoff (if any) came into effect. The entering average was used, instead of the 'real' average. When the scores were subsequently recalculated, all rules were applied correctly. This obscure behavior was spotted by Colin J Keegan of the Champions Tenpin Bowling League, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia.

Revision 272

YBC leagues expand and contract like concertinas, and Ian Grundy had more issues. I hope they are rectified to his satisfaction.

Revision 271

Selecting a sub who is not a member of a team did not display the player's name in the score entry dialog. The program did however 'do the right thing'. This disconcerting situation was spotted by Geoff Harris and Martin Johnson. Must be the holiday season.

Also made the number of players spaces on recap sheets 'sticky', and fixed a crash when expanding a league which had previously been contracted. This was suffered by Ian Grundy with his YBC league.

Revision 266

Print multiple copies has been fixed. In the olden days when multiple copies were requested it was necessary for the program to do it. Nowadays it seems (at least with Windows 7) the printer drivers do that. The result being that if 5 copies were asked for, Winbowl would print 5 times, and the driver would print each of the 5, 5 times - resulting in 25 copies. (A 50 team league asking for 50 copies would have resulted in 2500 copies. This was reported by Martin Johnson of the Midlands Fives leagues.

Revision 264

Team Game over average bonus points were being counted twice. This anomaly was causing Colin J. Keegan of the Champions Tenpin Bowling League, Castle Hill NSW, Australia considerable confusion, which I hope is now cleared up.

Revision 262

Player edit now displays the team correctly. I'm fairly sure this is was a side effect of the new 'look and feel'. The ever watchful Ian Grundy of the Manchester Lightning YBC spotted it. Thanks Ian.

Revision 260

The facility to have the players in each team appear in the same order as the previous round has been reinstated, having been overlooked when the conversion from 1.8.9 happened. Obviously not a feature in regular use, but Michael Schafer from Erding near Munich in Germany has just upgraded to 2.0, and, quite rightly, mentioned about it not working. I took the opportunity to make a few cosmetic changes as well while I was at it, and also fixed an auto-tab bug that afflicted Michael.

Revision 258

Winbowl has never allowed a player to be deleted during a season. There are very good reasons for this, especially if they have bowled even a partial game, but there are circumstances where this can be allowed, and in the player edit, if it is possible to do so, a 'Remove' button will be enabled. This has been done for the peace of mind of the delightful Mary and Jim of the Wednesday Friendly League.

Revision 257

The code for 'High Stats by Round' did not check for any limit on the number displayed, and when exceeded, strange results were displayed. Many thanks to Karin Hoffmann from Munich in Germany who spotted this obscure little bug. Where would I be without by faithful band of scrutineers. They deserve everybody's thanks, not just mine.

Revision 255

When entering the robot rules for a 'Flat Score' robot, the handicap score should entered as a gross score. This was not made clear, and I will admit is not intuitive. I have now added validation to that effect, and a gentle warning will appear when necessary. Apologies to Karin Hoffmann from Munich in Germany who was caught out by it.

Revision 254

When the 'Multiple Prize' rule relegates a player so that they only qualify for the 1 award specified, and this results in another player, qualifying for multiple awards, the program now handles the relegation to a single award for this player correctly according to the rules. Thanks to Neil Reedy from Manchester for spotting it.

Revision 253

The 'Multiple Prize' rule has been re-instated, not that it was deliberately removed, but a subtle little bug has been stopping it working of late. Thanks to Neil Reedy from Manchester for reporting it, (and reminding me to get on and fix it).

Revision 251

The points Adjust report is now functioning for Ian Grundy and the program will now remember the justification you set in the Custom Standings items. Apologies to Paul Myers for that omission. Here's hoping I really have got them right this time.

Revision 250* (File format change!)

At the request of Ian Grundy, the points adjustment limit for pyramid leagues is now able to be set by the user in the Pyramid Points page of Miscellaneous Setup.

The custom standings and custom player stats fields justification is now working. Thanks to Paul Myers of the Late Tuesday Doubles for spotting that.

Revision 245

The internal code producing the standings reports were a mess. This became obvious when Ian Grundy who runs the Manchester Lightning YBC reported that although I had fixed his Pyramid point based leagues, I had screwed up all his normal leagues.

I have re-written it in a much more robust manner and it does appear to be fixed.

For those interested in code, I had initially started Winbowl as either a handicap or scratch league, and had simply used 0 for a scratch report or 1 for a handicap. When combined was asked for, that became 2, and pyramid handicap became 3 and pyramid scratch became 4 - all using the numbers which, ten years later had lost any relevance to their meaning that they never had in the first place, so got mixed up - horribly!

What I have done is enumerate them as I should have done in the first place, so now the number 0 in called "ScratchStandings" etc, and they cannot get confused, except that the league data files still contain the virtually random numerical equivalents - hence the need to re-designate the contents of a report and set up the standard default reports.

Enough hair shirt for now.

Revision 243

Pyramid points standings report titles are now working much better. Apologies to Manchester Lightning YBC for any discomfort caused.

Revision 242

A crash when starting a new league based upon the currently loaded league has been fixed. This was reported by Karin Hoffmann from Munich, Germany and Donna Beeves from NY State in the USA.

A minor change to pyramid points literals, where handicap and scratch were confused,

Revision 237

I had omitted to change the 'Fixtures by Team' and 'Fixtures by Round' reports to reflect the Bye Team. DOH! This has been rectified, hopefully to the satisfaction of Alan Davis and his Monday Doubles League

Revision 235

Lane allocation used to leave a gap where a Bye team match was scheduled. This change will shuffle lane numbers down to make them contiguous. This is a long awaited fix for the ever vigilant Alan Davis

Revision 231

The joys of Micro$oft!

Users with Windows 7 may have noticed that the database was not working. Windows 7 will not allow the program to write a file in the Program Files directory, all previous version of Windows being quite happy with that, and guess where the database was stored! I have moved it to \ProgramData\SmallSystemSoftware. Many thanks again to the eagle eyed Alan Davis and his Monday Doubles League who reported the lack of database.

Revision 218

During the conversion process, I overlooked updating relevant data when the date played was changed. It had no effect on the end result, but it now displays the correct handicaps in effect at the changed date and time. Many thanks to Alex Watts and his Thursday Singles League who reported the omission.

Revision 216

Issues with Scratch only leagues standings reports, and Hi team by Average fixed. Reported by John Ralphs of the North West Fives league.

Revision 213

2 bug fixes. Select 'Enter Single Result" is now implemented, so no longer crashes the program, and an obscure one where a league with a single female junior who has not bowled any games caused mayhem!

Revision 212

Reverted to VS2008, as the VS2010 compiler seems to be allergic to Windows 7. My real thoughts are unprintable!!!

Revision 211

Starting a new league based on the old league used to only generate an entering average where they had exceeded the minimum number of games required for a valid average. This is now exceeded or equalled. Spotted by the eagle eyed Neil Reedy from Manchester. I have also removed the rather intrusive request for a donation from the Final Standings, and corrected the title of the dialog box that handles Custom Player Stats.

Revision 198

Implemented a check on the scores entered so that typos do not cause games greater than 300 to be entered.

Revision 196

Removed the 195 changes temporarily while I devise a better solution, as the first effort was 'over enthusiastic' about banning recap sheets and not allowing score entry in certain circumstances, rendering the program useless!

Revision 195

It is no longer possible to print recap sheets or enter scores where there is a team without a full complement of players as this causes the program to crash. This was discovered by Dave Parkes from Stoke.

Revision 193

Allowed players to have only a surname or forename without crashing the program.

Revision 191

The ability to set the category for awards reports has been re-instated. Thanks to Rob Mulford of the Leisure Duos League, Worthing for reporting it.

Revision 183

Issues relating to venues and their lane numbers have been tidied up. Thanks to Karin Hoffman of the Donnerstagsliga - Munich again.

Revision 178

Blind Score Setup settings were not retained under certain circumstances. Thanks to Karin Hoffman of the Donnerstagsliga - Munich for spotting that!.

Revision 175

The schedule edit has now been implemented, as has the ability to adjust field widths and column headers in the Custom Player Stats report item. Thanks to Paul Myers for spotting that!.

Revision 173

Fixed a fairly obscure but fatal bug where lots of teams have been added, and deleted during the season. Thanks to Ian Grundy for spotting that!.

Revision 172

The ability to edit default fonts had not been implemented. It was reported by Donna Belvees secretary of the Silver Cup League, Olean, NY, USA.

Revision 171

The ability to edit a custom player report had not been implemented. It was reported by Paul Myers to whom I am very grateful. I also corrected a bug regarding High Series Handicap that was introduced in the 167 build. Thanks to Ian Grundy for spotting that!

Revision 169

The ability to edit a custom report had not been implemented. It was reported by Glen Green to whom I am very grateful.

Revision 167

A major bug fix where starting a new league with Individual Award rules enabled caused a crash when no games had been bowled, and the display of the centre where a high game was bowled for Martin Johnson and members of the Masters Premier League.

Revision 163

Initial Release of Winbowl 2.0